7 years ago I sat on our bed staring at a blank computer screen. We had just found out that we’d lost one of our twins at 14 weeks. I was still pregnant (with Mia, who is now 6.) In that moment there was so much uncertainty, so much unknown, but still, so much hope. What I really wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and hide... From the truth, the hurt, the loss, the people. Shut my eyes, cover my ears and just hide. It would be much easier to keep my walls up and fight this battle alone like I had done before.

But I felt God nudging me to open my hands and give Him everything I had so that He could use it. That included telling my story and in turn, opening my heart up to others.

So I started writing and sharing our life through my blog. It was a long journey of restoration, redemption, healing and so much growth. He used it to bring hope to other women while healing my own broken heart along the way.

After I had Judah in 2015, our fourth and last baby, I found myself in a whole new season, not knowing what the next step would be in sharing my story. I felt a pull to focus on cultivating what God had put in front of me, which included my family, a new business, Project Hope, and our church. It was a beautiful season where seeds were planted in different areas and new relationships were cultivated.

In the beginning of this year, I began feeling that familiar push to step out again, but in a new and different way. To remember where I’ve walked before and point back to His faithfulness, while looking forward to where I’m going and where I am now.

He is doing a brand new thing and I am so excited to have this new space to share with you. I plan to fill it with all the things I love:, my family, our church, running, decorating, my favorite makeup and hair products, clothes, what I’m currently into and reading, but mostly and always, Jesus.


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